Why have one PA when you can have three?

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Why have one PA when you can have three?

While I may have sneakily taken out ‘Mi’ to make this title work, I’m being one hundred percent honest in this; at Mi PA there are no lone wolves. This is because the foundation of delivering an excellent service to you is built upon the way we work as a team. So if you do decide to sign up, you won’t just be getting your very own dedicated PA to complete your duties; you’ll receive an entire squad of superstar PAs to work are you disposal.

So what exactly are the benefits of hiring a team of PAs? Well…

  1. Use a pool of different skills and talents

While all of our PAs are skilled to a T in organisational day-to-day duties, what makes our girls really shine are their passions and individual skills. For example, Caroline has extensive experience in organising travel, and she loves making sure our client’s holidays and business trips are 100% bespoke.

Whereas Amber is an absolute data management queen. If you have a research task, or need assistance with managing a system, she would be your first point of call. And luckily for you, they work in a team of three, so chances are you would be getting all of these skills for the price of one PA.

  1. No sick days

One of the main issues you may have or are experiencing with a personal assistant is finding cover for when they aren’t there. And more often than not, they can be gone for days at a time, leaving you trying to find cover or with urgent day-to-day tasks outstanding.

But we can eliminate this concern. From day one, each member of your team will be trained and armed with the skills needed to stand at the front line of your business. So when one of your team members is absent, there will always be backup in place to ensure your work is completed to the standard and efficiency you expect.

  1. Multitasking to a new level

While we can guarantee that any dedicated PA assigned to you has already mastered the art of multitasking, thanks to our carefully constructed teams, we can offer you something more. If you run a business that requires multiple tasks to be carried out, but you’re also looking for diary and email management for example; all of these jobs can be completed at the same time. Your team can work both collectively and separately on multiple jobs – it all depends on your needs.

We get it, and we’re 100% committed to making your goals attainable. Join us, sit back, and enjoy the road to success.

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