Turn voice memos into a powerful business tool


Turn voice memos into a powerful business tool


The human brain processes more than 50,000 thoughts every day. That’s around 35-48 thoughts per  minute – an insane amount of information!

And while some of it, naturally, isn’t pertinent to your business, some of it is and it needs to be captured.

Picture the scene:

  • You’ve just come out of a meeting and your brain is buzzing – how do you capture those thoughts?
  • You’re at a conference and new ideas are spilling over! Too many for this free pad of paper, there’s too much to do to stop and write them down.
  • You’re on a long journey and thoughts are crystallising and floating to the top…
  • You’re in a meeting but there’s no one to take notes
  • You know exactly what you need to tell that new client if only you could just say it!

And I’m sure you can already think of a solution that would help you capture all these thoughts.

Yep, voice recordings are a fantastic way to seize smart thoughts, actions, ideas and tasks…but what happens to them next? Do they stay locked away on your device? Do they become another cog in the wheel (record, type up, action)?

Mi PA’s typing and dictation service closes the loop on voice recordings making them a powerful addition to your working day.

Using your phone or similar device, dictate an email while you’re travelling between meetings. Email it to Mi PA, we’ll type it up and send it to your while you’re in your next meeting!

  • Memos and tasks taken throughout the day become collated to-do lists for tomorrow’s agenda.
  • Recorded meeting minutes can be sent to Mi PA and transformed into a full transcript.
  • Reports, files and attendance notes can quickly be updated and kept in order when you dictate your changes and send them to Mi PA. You’ll receive a fully formatted document, ready for use.
  • Dictate letters, agendas or emails and receive an email in your inbox that’s ready to go.

Whether you’re already using dictation equipment or have never considered how it could help you before, our virtual PA service can help to turn them into perfectly formatted documents ready to use.

There are various ways to record sound files, including digital and cassette dictaphones, several smartphone apps and the voice recorder on your mobile phone.

We can point you in the right direction to the method that suits you.  Then all you have to do is record, e-mail and our virtual PA’s will do the rest and create your finished document.

And the value? Here’s a quote from one of our clients:

“As a busy person I cannot afford to spend hours and days on transcription projects when I could be doing something more productive. Emma and her team are a valuable asset to lean on when I need something turned around quickly, accurately and reliably.”
Alistair Marshall – Alistair Marshall Consulting

To find out how you can turn voice memos into a powerful tool for your business, contact Mi PA today on 0161 820 6080.

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