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27 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your To Do List Today!


27 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your To Do List Today!

Working with a virtual assistant instantly frees up more time to focus on the things that count – the things only you can do.
Identifying those tasks and distinguishing how much of your involvement is required can be a challenge.
So here are 27 tasks we do for our clients every day, to kick start your virtual PA to-do wish list!
Which of these can you hand over to a virtual assistant?

  1. Answering calls when you’re in meetings/on flights/with your family
  2. Booking meetings
  3. Making travel arrangements
  4. Changing travel arrangements
  5. Calling building maintenance
  6. Proof reading that proposal
  7. Writing that proposal
  8. Providing quotes to prospective clients
  9. Handling client enquiries
  10. Handling client complaints
  11. Taking orders from clients
  12. Liaising with office suppliers
  13. Calling contacts on your behalf
  14. Researching vital information
  15. Calling cold prospects
  16. Reminding you it’s your partner’s birthday
  17. Reminding you it’s your birthday
  18. Ensuring you’re last meeting ends in time to see your kids before bed
  19. Holding the fort while you’re on holiday
  20. Book keeping
  21. Database maintenance
  22. Recommending superior, alternative suppliers for your business
  23.  Finding venues and locations for meetings and conferences
  24.  Offering advice on lines to take in emails and discussions
  25.  Discreetly manage sensitive situations at the office (they’re not in your office but they are on your team)
  26. Offer perspective on difficult situations (again: they’re not in your office but they are on your team)
  27. Make you look like a superhero!

How much more time would you have if a Virtual PA took care of these tasks for you? Do you know someone struggling to manage a busy schedule? Share this post with them; we’d love to help.

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