When Applying To Be A Virtual Assistant Make Sure You Do These Three Things

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When Applying To Be A Virtual Assistant Make Sure You Do These Three Things

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We love finding and growing new talent at Mi PA. We run an apprenticeship scheme and have developed an internal programme that nurtures all assistants who come through our doors.

We call it the Mi PA Academy. Through a combination of boot camp training, one-to-one development and on-the-job experience, our employees acquire a solid foundation in approach, aptitude and attitude.

The Mi PA Academy cultivates high-calibre virtual assistants with fantastic career prospects. Our exciting career-development path ensures we hold on to that talent and each one of our employees gets to shine and enjoy their career to the max.

And from a personal point of view, it’s fantastic to see individuals develop into fully fledged Mi PA virtual assistants!

Roles here include virtual receptionist and virtual personal assistant. Each requires a different level of expertise and experience, but both share vital common themes that are crucial to the success of a Mi PA employee. It’s these we look for when recruiting to the academy.

Here, we explore those themes and let you in on the secrets that make a candidate a keeper – and give you top tips on how to demonstrate you’ve got what it takes!

1. Be as helpful as possible
It might not be your responsibility, it might not be on today’s to do list, but your ability to look beyond that and make our clients – and our client’s clients – feel as supported as possible is a key feature of every Mi PA job role.

Even when taking a difficult call or tackling an urgent task, it’s very important you can take responsibility for the situation and see it through to the end.

How can you demonstrate it?
Collect anecdotes from work, school or university that demonstrate your commitment to see a job through to the end. Tell us how you’ve helped your client or associates as much as possible.

2. Be organised
In such a varied job role, there are new challenges every week. Priorities can change in the blink of an eye at Mi PA. The fast paced environment means you have to be able to quickly adapt to altering demands from multiple clients.

Can you keep up?
Organisation is part mindset, part process. We’re looking for evidence you can implement or use a process to help you stay on top of client work. Communication is often a big part of this. What have you done to manage multiple responsibilities?

3. Show a willingness to learn
The academy is all about development. We’re looking for individuals who are determined to become the best Virtual PAs in the industry. The bar is high so your drive is important. Are you up for learning new things? Are you prepared to unlearn some things? This, more than anything, is about your attitude.

Show us some spice!
We’re looking for a spark, that firework of determination that sets you apart from your peers. Show us how you stretch, reach and never settle for second best. Tell us how you enjoy working with a team to achieve ridiculous goals! This could be a brief paragraph in your covering letter.

We’re actively recruiting right now!
We’re actively seeking candidates for a variety of roles and if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the Mi PA Academy, we’d love to hear from you!

Send your CV and a covering letter to vacancies@mi-pa.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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