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How Many Jobs Are You Missing Each Week?

Each week, thousands of pounds are being left on the table by
TV AERIAL INSTALLATION BUSINESSES who don’t pick up the phone. Are you one of them?

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Hi it’s Emma Mills here.

If you specialise in TV Aerial Installation, you’re in the right place,
because I’m about to show you something that will:

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As you’ve probably guessed by now, my name’s Emma Mills and I’m the MD and owner here at MiPA.

We work with a lot of business owners to help them win back time that they can spend on the higher value stuff in their business.

And in the last couple of years, we’ve worked with a number of TV Aerial Installation businesses.

We help them with a whole range of administrative tasks, from booking in jobs through to email inbox management, but one area that’s more popular than any of the others….

Answering the phone.

You see, let me be honest with you:  TV Aerial installation companies are BAD at answering the phone.

And who can blame you?  After all, when you’re in the middle of a job, you’re hardly going to stop and answer the phone are you?

Here’s the problem though: because most companies are missing calls left, right and centre, they’re missing out on work as a result.

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man on phone

Let me explain why:

Your average Google searcher looking for an aerial installtion will type in their search term and start calling the businesses they find.

If they don’t get an answer, or it goes to Voicemail, what are they going to do?

Patiently keep ringing until they get an answer, or leave a message and hope to hear back?

Nope.  They’re just going to keep ringing TV Aerial businesses until they find one that answers and can do the job.

They need a job doing.  They don’t care who does it (within reason), they just want it completed, and if you don’t answer the phone, you’ve got no chance of being the one that completes it.

But here’s the problem:

you still can’t answer the phone – you’re too busy doing jobs for customers and earning money.​

So what are your options at this point?

1. Get an employee to do it

If you’ve got an employee, then maybe they can answer the phone, while you get on with the stuff that earns you money.  

The problem is that an employee will cost you a bare minimum of £16,077.20, not including somewhere for them to work, a computer, a phone and managing and training them, which isn’t exactly loose change, and if you were going to hire someone, you’d probably want someone else on the tools generating you income.

2. You could do it yourself

Except of course, that’s the worst thing you can be doing, for all the reasons we’ve already discussed.

3. You could outsource it to a team who knows what they’re doing and answer thousands of calls every single month for hundreds of businesses…

You knew it was coming – don’t act surprised.

If you value your time enough to accept that answering the phone shouldn’t be in your job description…

If you know you’re leaving money on the table because you’re missing calls left, right and centre…

If you don’t have a team, but you know you need to be answering the phone to drive the business forward…

Then why not allow the award-winning
MiPA team
to do it for you?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You talk to us, and tell us you want your calls answered, and how and when you want them answered
  2. We do some technical wizardry, and hey presto, you’re all set up
  3. You sit back, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being answered, your marketing pounds aren’t being wasted, customers are getting what they need and you can get on with fulfilling the work, making money and building your future.

(Oh, and just to be clear, all the sales calls, nuisance calls and PPI pretenders get dealt with, without any charge to you)

man on mobile
Emma in office

The MiPA team can deal with any call

whether it’s a customer service question or incoming warm lead – it’s like an extra expert employee on your team, without the cost associated with it.

Oh yes, “cost” – let’s get that out of the way…

Your monthly investment to have 30 calls answered a month is just £59

– well over ten times cheaper than paying someone in your office to do it, and a heck of a lot less hassle too.



Right now, for a limited time only, we’re making THREE special bonuses available that’ll give you a LIFETIME discount AND ensure that more of your calls are answered:


ACT NOW before this offer expires


50% discount on our ‘booking in bolt on’

Get us answering your calls before 6pm on Sunday 8th March, and you’ll get a 50% discount on our ‘booking in bolt on’; a service that means we don’t just take your call, we’ll actually deal with the enquiry and book the work into your diary too.

Most call answering firms just won’t do this – they’ll take a message and get you to call them back, but with us, you’ll get this for a fraction of the usual cost – currently it’s an investment of £180 per month but your 50% discount means you’ll pay just £90 a month to have all of your bookings handled and your calls taken.

And because we work with plumbers already, we’re more than familiar with:

  • SIMpro
  • Servicemate
  • Commusoft

Meaning you won’t need to teach us how to use your software!


Discounted upgrade to our ‘out of hours’ service

Normal MiCall clients get their calls answered between 8am and 6pm, five days a week, with evenings and weekends charged at £40 per month. Add us to your team before 6pm Sunday 14th March and you’ll get this add on for just £29 a month.

This offer Expires Shortly

Get it now to avoid dissapointment



100% personal moneyback guarantee

Give us a try for 60 days. If you get to the end of that period and you decide that it’s not been money well spent, I’ll refund you every penny you’ve paid up until that point AND send you a bottle of nice wine to apologise for wasting your time.

It's Decision Time...

Ultimately, you either accept that you need this or you don’t.

Maybe you’re thinking that you can get by answering the phone yourself, and if you want to miss work and lose out on potential customers, maybe you’re right.

Maybe you’re thinking that at some point you’ll bring in a member of staff who’ll take some of the strain off your shoulders and start answering the phone, but you’ve got to ask yourself when that will be, and question how much money you’ll end up leaving on the table between now and then.

The choice is yours – if you think it’s sensible to give us a try, risk-free, then all you need to do is click the button below, fill in the form and fast-track your way to less stress and more time to do the important things in your business.

Or, if you want to try a call-answering service for size, why not call us on 0161 820 6080 and see how we handle your enquiry?

I hope you make the right decision for you, and for your business, and that I’ll be welcoming you on board as a client very soon.

Thanks for reading!

click the button below and let’s get started now.

Emma Mills

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