Travelling all day and working at night?

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Travelling all day and working at night?

This is how it generally goes for most small business owners.  Moving from one new business meeting to the next, quick stop at the service station for a Ginsters if your lucky and repeat in the afternooon.  So when do those follow up emails get sent?  When does the information on your product or service get sent in a timely manner afterwards?
Maybe when you check into the Travelodge you start to work on it.  Does sending out your ‘Great to meet you emails’ in the evening sound familiar?  Or is pulling that quote together at Midnight a regular thing?
Have you ever stopped to think how it may appear to your prospect if you’re sending them a quote at 1am?
Without a doubt it doesn’t help your chances of closing the next deal down.  Overworked, not enough hours in the day, has too much work to deal with?  Those are the thoughts that run through the mind of your prospect.
Now imagine the following scenario.  As usual, you spend your day travelling from meeting to meeting, sitting with new prospects, promising new quotes when you get back to the office but…..this time instead of waiting till you get back to the office (Travelodge) you actually have some help to get through all this work!
After the meeting you spend a couple of minutes to use your smartphone to dictate your ‘follow up’ email.  You confirm who it is to be sent to and if there is any marketing literature or brochures to be attached to the email.  You email the sound file from your phone to your Virtual PA and hey presto!  Follow up contact has been made straight after your meeting.  Impressed?  Your clients certainly will be and all this is happening while you travel onwards to your next meeting.
Mi PA helps to free up your time so you can concentrate on the important things and creates a great impression to your next customer.
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