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Top Tips from Frequent Flyers


Top Tips from Frequent Flyers

Mi PA | Virtual PA
I woke up as we were landing. My eye mask had gone askew and was covering only one eye. My mouth was dry and my neck stiff. Looking around, my fellow passengers were in equal disarray – all except one.
He was sitting upright in his chair, suit and tie neatly in place. He tapped a final note into his Macbook, packed it into this slim line carry-on, stored it under the seat in front of him and took a swig from a chilled bottle of water.
How. Did. He. Do. That?
Since that trip, I’ve learnt a thing of two about frequent flying. I’ve been on a fair few flights myself, but I’ve also learnt from our jet-setting clients. While booking flights, arranging transport and managing diaries, the pre-flight habits and rituals of these flying professionals began to stand out and sink in.
Curious, I asked several clients for their number 1 tips on flying. Here’s what they said:
1.       Pre-book a parking spot
Not only does this save you money, it saves you time and relaxes you before boarding. When you’ve got a parking spot reserved in advance at the airport, chances are it will be closer to the terminal. That means no more dashing from level 13, car park Z, but leisurely walking from level 1, car park A.  Heaven.
2.       Drink plenty of water
It will prevent your skin, eyes and mouth drying out in that unforgiving air conditioned atmosphere. Generally, you’ll just feel better and more normal, but scientifically, your breath will be better, eyes less red and skin more fresh-looking.
3.       Take an aisle seat
With all that water you will, naturally, need to use the facilities more often, but this is actually about positioning yourself in a better mental state.
When you’re seated by the window, you have to ask your fellow passengers to move, putting you at their discretion. When you’re by the aisle, you’re in control and get to play the gracious, accommodating professional. Studies show being kind to others puts us in a better mental state.
But be warned: our clients only recommended this for short-haul flights when you don’t need to sleep. If it’s long-haul, take the window to help improve sleep.
4.       Get comfortable
Eye masks, ear plugs and using a neck rest the other way around were among our clients’ top tips.  We like the last one best – our heads always rock forward while we’re trying to get some zzz’s. With the neck rest under your chin, your head is more naturally supported.
5.       Keep warm
Your body will relax more easily, sleep will come faster and you’ll generally feel more at ease if you’re warm. Several clients suggested additional layers and thick socks in addition to the blanket offered by the airline.
6.       Ask your Virtual PA to take care of your travel plans!
They might be biased, but our clients agreed having the hassle of travel arrangements taken care of was the best tip they had!
Are you flying off anywhere soon? Why not ask Mi PA to arrange your travel plans so you can remain focused on your business?  Simply contact us now to find out more.

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