How systems help to scale your business

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How systems help to scale your business

Systems and processes
Acknowledged or not, processes inherently exist in every organisation. If you’re familiar with The E-Myth, you’ll recognise that when those processes are developed into robust systems, they create the order and structure that produce your product or service, ensuring it is delivered consistently every time, with predictable results. You’ll also recognise how vital that is to growing a business.
In the beginning, when there’s just one, two or three of you, communicating what needs to be done in each of these processes is easy. You work closely together; you can read each other’s minds. You understand how each other works.
When you want to scale your business however, that indescribable combination of things Sarah does to win new business, or those magic words Joe says to appease customers, need to be captured and systemised so others can repeat them.
After all, when you’re scaling your business, you’re keen to bring on more people, secure more revenue and probably take a step back at some point in the future.
You need to download all that vital knowledge into systems and processes that can be consistently replicated and scaled.
Not only will this allow others to pick up where you left off, it can also iron out inefficiencies in your organisation and build a robust ROI into your offering.
Clear processes are the foundations of business growth and Mi PA can help your organisation design and implement those systems.
With you, we’ll work through current processes, identify new ones, and create robust systems for each, helping you to increase efficiency and other indicators of success such as customer satisfaction and sales.
Mi PA’s expert Virtual Personal Assistants are trained in the art of efficiency and organisation. They’re adding value to businesses across the globe through customer support, sales support, diary and event management, logistics and so much more!
Each team member has vast experience across a multitude of industry sectors and they’re ready and waiting to get things done for you. To learn more, please get in touch.

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