Social Media Services

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Marketing by means of social media can produce fantastic results for your business, as a hugely popular form of communication that uses smart methods to attract clients, other organisations and consumers.

But for those of you who have precious little time to focus on managing social media platforms and creating attention-grabbing content; the thought and stress of dedicating costly minutes to such tasks may leave you wishing that Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin be #wipedfromthefaceoftheearth.

There is where Mi PA is here to help. With PAs specially trained in Social Media Marketing and Content Writing, we can provide a plethora of ways bolster your social media presence.

Our Services Include:

  • Managing your social media accounts
  • Updating your social media profiles
  • Scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Monitoring posts and re-blogs
  • Creating content for blogs
  • Proofreading content
  • Uploading content on your site
  • Promoting content on social media platforms
  • Creating and manipulating high quality pictures

If it’s your desire to become a social media super star without the hefty price of using valuable time, by utilising Mi PA’s savvy social media services we can make your goals attainable realities. Contact us now on 0161 820 6080 and watch your followers, likes and re-posts thrive.

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