Scanning on the move……

Brought to you by Emma Mills


Scanning on the move……

Always looking for sneaky tips to save time for our clients Mi PA have found a little gem that our clients have been loving this week and after lots of responses of ‘amazing’, ‘love it’ and ‘I need this app’, we thought it was only right to share the app that is ‘Scanner Pro’!
What does the app do?……..
Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner! The app allows you to scan any document, receipt, whiteboard or handwritten note and converts it into a clear PDF file.
The quality of the scan is improved by detecting the borders of the document and removing any shading on the picture. The documents can either be e-mailed or shared instantly via Dropbox and Google Docs, or faxed.
Scanner Pro App
Scanner Pro Logo when searching on iTunes…..
Cost: £4.99 = Excellent time saving value
A couple of examples of the way our clients have been using it….
1. Need to take a copy of a clients ID while out on an appointment?  Use Scanner Pro to create an instant PDF of any passport or driving licence copy.
2. Scribbled some handwritten notes of letters or memos that need typing?  You dont have to wait until you arrive back at the office to hand the document over……create a PDF with this app and email to your PA to start work on straight away.
3. Recieved some post that needs actioning or filing now?  From Scanner Pro to PDF to your PA in an instant!
Scanner Pro allows any physical document to be turned into a PDF and emailed immediately………we like it a lot here at Mi PA HQ.

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