How will you reward your business in 2015?


How will you reward your business in 2015?

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The moment you realise you’ve upped your game, taken a stride, reached a little further and have achieved a goal or two…it’s wonderful! There’s nothing like it because growing a business is hard work and often involves a sacrifice or two. Yet, when we progress and achieve our goals, how do we reward ourselves in business?
Entrepreneurs are very rarely motivated by money – gasp! More often it is problem solving, authenticity and autonomy that makes us tick. So while a higher income will no doubt be a by-product of your gains, is that going to feel like a true reward? A celebratory meal out is great for morale but in the long term, will that cut it?
As you plan the year ahead and set your targets, take a moment to think about how you’ll reward yourself for the goals you achieve.
A true reward may be something that you’ve longed for, coveted or aspired to. It might be equipment to make you faster, training to make you smarter or support to help you grow – something that helps you solve problems and increases your authenticity and autonomy.
In 2015, consider rewarding your business with a call answering service that delivers the professional image you’re striving for; or with a virtual employee so you can free up more of your time while continuing to grow the business.
Mi PA offers a range of flexible services that can be easily scaled to suit your needs. Clients reap the rewards within the first month and soon realise the power and potential of virtual support.
Right now, we’re offering 20.15% off your first month’s PA service when you sign up in January. Our PA service includes:

  • Project management – everything from office moves to events.
  • First point of contact between you and suppliers, potential clients and customers.
  • Diary Management.
  • Creating that all important first impression for your business.  Sole traders can greatly benefit from having another point of contact in the business.
  • Liaising with clients to make appointments.
  • Information research – applicable to any decision you and your business need to make i.e. potential suppliers, purchases, competitive rates, new technology, office space, meeting and event destinations etc.
  • Collating and managing expenses.
  • Collecting timely information from other departments of your company.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today. And best of luck with your 2015 goals – and those all important rewards!

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