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Typing and dictation can save you precious time and focus.

Many clients will dictate a letter using a recording device on their phone, email it to Mi PA and just hours later receive a ready-to-send letter by return email.

Whether you’re already using dictation equipment to record reports, letters, memos, emails or reminders, or have never considered how it could help you before, our Typing and Dictation Service can help to turn them into perfectly formatted documents that are ready to use.

  • Create documents from voice recordings
  • Use your phone to dictate an email while you’re travelling between meetings. Email it to Mi PA and it can be sent while you’re in the next meeting
  • Record file and attendance notes
  • Keep your client files up to date and in order
  • Quickly produce reports that are often repeated or use templates. Dictate the sections to change and receive a formatted document ready to send to your client
  • Do you record confidential or important meetings? Receive a full transcription of the meeting
  • Record tomorrow’s to do list and have it waiting for you in your inbox the following morning
  • Need to send a letter out quickly after a new client meeting? Dictate, email and receive a letter that’s ready to send
  • Reproduce documents that you only have in hard copy and create an easy to work with online version. Scan or fax annotated documents and Mi PA will do the rest

“As a busy person I cannot afford to spend hours and days on transcription projects when I could be doing something more productive. Emma and her team are a valuable asset to lean on when I need something turned around quickly, accurately and reliably. I like the fact I only get charged for the hours I need.”

Alistair Marshall Alistair Marshall Consulting.

There are various ways to record sound files, including digital and cassette dictaphones, several smartphone apps and the voice recorder on your mobile phone. We can help you find the best method for you. Then all you have to do is record, email and your virtual team will do the rest to create your finished document.

To find out more about our Typing and Dictation Service, call today on 0161 820 6080

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