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If youโ€™re on this page that means you might be interested in using our award-winning call answering service to:
- Never miss a call again(!)

- Free up you & your staff's time

- Boost your productivity

- Improve your customer service

- Liberate yourself from constant distractions
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What is Mi Call?

Download the FREE Info Pack to get all the details on how Mi-Call works.

It contains everything you need to know about:

- What is Mi Call & how it works
- The different ways we can help your business
- How the pricing works (& how affordable it really is!)
- ...and everything else you might need to know!

Who Am I?

I'm Emma, the Founder & Managing Director of Mi-PA & Mi-Call - the multiple award-winning PA and Call Answering team.

Since 2007, we've worked with hundreds of businesses to answer their calls, manage their diaries, and deal with tasks within their businesses, allowing them to:

- Spend more time on the high-value, business building tasks

- Stop being a slave to the office and inbox, so they can spend more time with their families

- Live a better life where they can focus on the fun stuff!

Based in Manchester, our highly-trained, super-friendly, and ultra-professional team answer the phones for over 500 businesses - making sure they never miss a call... EVER!
Emma Mills
Managing Director
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These were the last few people to book a call with me & this is what they thought...

"I was so impressed how professional the team were when they answered the call, everyone else I called seemed to be in a rush."
Matthew Davies
Titan Serv

"My customers always mention how polite and professional you are when taking my calls"
Dean Winsley
EMF Wiring
"You really do provide an excellent, no hassle, easy service. So worthwhile and valuable. It really does help me a lot!"
James Hudson
Drive Development Solutions
"A lot of my clients have said how brilliant you guys are. They could not believe it when I told them you are up North, they thought you were in the same building as me."
Dan Radford
Edemo Electric Bikes
"I've been a client for more than 2 years now and the experience has been great. They provide an amazing service & are an integral part of my business."
Carl Firmstone
Definitive Electrical Solutions
"Mi-Call answers my calls & I recommend them to any business! All my calls are answered professionally & it makes my business look like one of the big boys!"
Jo Boateng
Robo Cleaning Services

"Day 1 of our calls being answered and it's working BRILLIANTLY!"
David Browne
Scottish Shutter Company
"For a small business outsourcing can be stressful... not with Emma & her team. They are extremely helpful, positive, & accommodating. They have added so much value to my business."
Alec Calderbank
Calderbank Heating

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