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We exist to win you time back that you can spend on the things important to you.

We answer your phone for you

If you’re answering your own phone, then you’re not spending enough time on the high value tasks. And if you’re not, then the chances are you’re missing calls that are costing you business. We remove all that pain by answering your phone for you, leaving you free to get on with doing what you want to do.

We manage your diary (and everything else!)

Every single month, hours of busy peoples’ time is swallowed up fussing around managing diaries, arranging and rearranging appointments and sitting on hold to various booking companies. There is another way – get us to do it for you. Our PAs are fast, friendly and professional, and can manage your diary to help you get more done, with less stress.

We take over your inbox

Email inboxes are black holes that steal time every single day, but with MiPA, you can remove that time drain. Let us handle your inbox, and you can ensure you only get the stuff that’s important to you, saving you time that you can spend doing whatever is important to you.

All without recruitment...

The chances are you know that you need some help, but you don’t want to recruit a member of staff, and that’s why MiPA is perfect.  No recruitment fees, no payroll, no hassle – just an experienced PA who can help you grow your business.


Get stuff off your desk and onto ours

mi concierge

The trusted concierge & pa service for footballers & their families in the UK


Stop missing calls, start making money.


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Here’s how it works:

  1. You talk to us, and tell us you want your calls answered, and how and when you want them answered
  2. We do some technical wizardry, and hey presto, you’re all set up
  3. You sit back, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being answered, your marketing pounds aren’t being wasted, customers are getting what they need and you can get on with the high-value business building tasks that should be filling your diary.

(Oh, and just to be clear, all the sales calls, nuisance calls and PPI pretenders get dealt with, without any charge to you)

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Managing your diary – we take over your calendar and diary, making sure your meetings are all booked in, nothing clashes and letting you know where you need to be and when

Handling your inbox – your inbox is without a doubt one of the biggest time drains in your working week, and there’s no doubt you’ll get several hours back if you hand it over to us.

Typing and dictation services – we can eliminate any of the time you spend typing documents up or dictating

Travel organisation – our trained Pa’s can book your travel for you, saving you all the time you’d spend trawling on the Trainline or trying to get the best deal on Expedia.

mi concierge

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The trusted concierge & PA service for footballers & their families in the UK.

Communicate easily through your own dedicated Whatsapp group, a phone call or a visit from your dedicated PA.


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