Mi PA and the Nuisance Call Crackdown

Brought to you by Emma Mills


Mi PA and the Nuisance Call Crackdown


No nuisance calls with Mi PA's call answering service


They say it takes 30 minutes to regain concentration after being interrupted from a task.

That means one 20 second phone call from a sales person, a wrong number or even your mum (bless her) actually gobbles up a whole half an hour of your time.

How many nuisance calls do you get a day?

What more could you get done if you didn’t have to answer those calls?

What could you achieve if you didn’t have to answer any calls at all, but instead were able to call people back at a time that best suits you?

When you use Mi PA’s virtual receptionist service, nuisance calls are no longer a drain on your time or your money because Mi PA doesn’t charge for nuisance calls, we just get rid of them!

Mi PA is all about giving more time to you. By outsourcing this service to our team of virtual PA’s you not only benefit from zero nuisance calls, your important callers receive a professional, seamless service (they won’t know we’re not a part of your business) and essential information is captured, actioned and passed on as required.

Here’s what the Mi PA virtual receptionist service includes:

  • Every call is answered
  • Pesky nuisance calls are dismissed and you’re not charged
  • We project a professional image to every caller
  • We record every call we answer (which is available to you as you need it)
  • Support is scalable – getting busy over Christmas? No problem!
  • Your callers will believe we’re a part of your business
  • We can take message or transfer calls
  • We can also make appointments, take orders and provide quotes
  • Requested changes to this service happens quickly and easily

Streamline your day and begin to maximise the efficiency of your business with our virtual receptionist service – and crackdown on those annoying nuisance calls!

To find out more, contact Emma today on 0161 820 6080. We look forward to taking your call – and the nuisance ones too!

P.S. We won’t consider your mum a nuisance unless you do!

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