Episode 170 – How to Focus on the One Thing

Episode 170 – How to Focus on the One Thing

We all know that everybody has got that one thing every day that if they get it done significantly moves your business forward, and today is a quick trick to make sure you get that one thing done.

Hello, it’s Emma Mills here, and welcome to episode 170 of Mi TV, and today is going to be one of those episodes I like the most. It’s implementable straightaway. It’s a little software hack, and it’s something that is going to keep you on track to get the big thing done. Now we all know that there’s something on your to do list that is the big thing.

I’m sure you all know, the 80-20 rule. It’s that thing that’s going to be the big needle mover, the thing that’s going to get 80% of the results, the thing that’s going to move your business forwards or your lifestyle forwards or get your home quicker or just give you a better life. And it’s the one thing that ultimately almost never gets done because all the little bitty things come in between it. The reaction things, the reactive, the distractions that people want in your attention and the big things often get put right to the back of the pile because it’s so easy to keep doing all of the reactive stuff around it. And I am no saint and 100% there are days where I go home and I’m like, oh, I needed to complete all the reviews for my staff, for the ones we’re having next week.

Or I needed to plan all of my TV content because Johnny’s in tomorrow and I’m not organized again.

Or there’s so many things that are the big things that you need to just book 60 minutes, slot a 90 minute slot for. And if you’re one of those people that gets to have five 6 o’clock and you’re like, I didn’t actually spend any time on the marketing campaign on writing a new process, on finding a va, on doing the fix. If you get to the end of day again, I didn’t do it. I’m going to have to move it towards tomorrow. I’ve got an app for you called Momentum. It’s actually a Chrome extension.

So if you search momentum, hyphen dash. Momentum is a really great little extension in your browser, especially if you use Chrome. It works on all of them. And ultimately, it keeps you on track for the one big thing you need to get done. So if you download Momentum, plug it into the Chrome extension.

It is every single time you open a new tab to do something else, it reminds you about what the one big thing is. So today is my example. I’ve entered into the momentum app. The one big thing I had to get done today was plan the content for my TV because Johnny’s in front of me and I needed to be ready before he arrived.

So every single time and you can see if you’re one of those people that has a million tabs open every single time you open a tab. The thing that comes up is the momentum app, and it tells me, hopefully at the bottom, you can see it on the screen that it says my TV is the thing to get done. So when I open a new tab every single time, the same screen comes up telling me actually before I go and start doing anything else, whereas the cursor gum before I go and do anything else and start searching something else, the same tab comes up every time. Are you focusing on my TV so I can change this on a daily basis to say, actually, my big focus today is I need to write a blog or I need to train a member of the team, or I need something that’s going to solve a bigger problem as Martin Norbury would say solve the Conquer trees rather than all the little conkers droping – actually solve the reason why they’re all dropping just down the tree. So you chop down the big issues, the big problems, the big processes, momentum just in a very little way.

Momentum is really helping me, and even if it’s just like even if I open a new tab and go, OK, yeah, I do need to do that. I’m just going to do it in an hour or I’m going to do it in the next 10 minutes. It’s that little trigger back all the time because without doubt, we all have those days when we get to the end of the day and we didn’t do anything that we planned in the morning. And Momentum is just a little trigger to bring you back. So momentum-dash.com, download it, install into your browser and it really helps you keep on track. I hope this software hack helps get your head out of the dirt and into the clouds.

Have the business you want, the lifestyle you want, and I’ll see you next week for episode. See you then. Bye bye.

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