Episode 169 – My Number One App – GrowthDay

Episode 169 – My Number One App – GrowthDay

You can try Growth Day here: Growth Day

In this week’s episode, I’m going to tell you all about the one app that I can’t live without.

Hello, it’s Emma Mills here, and welcome to episode one, six nine of my TV, which just to clarify, is being filmed on a Friday afternoon. Drinks in my office is a religion now. We did build a little bar when we moved into our new office, which we will give you the tour around in a couple of weeks when it’s just finally finished. So, yeah, so it is beautiful on a Friday afternoon, just to clarify.

Well, this week’s episode is all about the one app that I actually subscribe to, probably 12 to 18 months ago. And it’s only in the I mean, I am the world’s worst signing up to everything paying for things that don’t news courses, apps, VIP training programs, whatever it is, I like to sign up to it. But this one I kind of had in the background and I really dove into it probably around about six months ago. And the reason why I want to just tell you about this today, because it is without doubt now that I am fully immersed in it and I’m actually using it as I should be. It is the best $49 I spend every month without doubt, and I think that most of my view as a business owners, I might be wrong. But even if you’re not a business owner, the reason why I’m bringing this app to this episode of My TV, you know, whether you’re running a business which is a lonely place, whether you’re working in a job, whether you’re whatever is doing in life, it can be sometimes difficult. I feel like to find the right news content media to feed into your brain. So if there’s not negative stuff, it’s not scrolling through Instagram stuff. That’s not the news telling you about shortages and the next pandemic and all of the rubbish that you read in the news. And it can be sometimes really hard to find the right content and information to put into your brain. And this app is the thing.

The first thing I use in the morning, the last thing that I use at night. It’s not headspace for anybody trying to guess it, and it is literally a place to find. I feel like a combination of a place to meditate, a place to have a good voice in your head to give you positive thoughts, good mindset practice and whether you’re going to turn off any second now because you think this is a good episode, it isn’t. Believe me, whether you’re just looking for someone to throughout the day, bring your thoughts back on track, bring your mindset back on track, bring you positive thoughts back on track that you can achieve or do, or whatever you put your mindset to. This one app has it all in the one place, and it’s created by a really well-known coach like spoke with Tony Robbins, the Dalai lama, and he’s called Brendan Burchard. And I have been a big brand of fan for a very long time. All of his books from a bookshelf. I’ve been used in his high Performance Planner for about a year now. As you can see, it’s very dogged, and the high performance planet is a journal and a planning tool for each day and each week, and it gives you really good questions to think about in the morning. Like, what is the one thing I need to get done today? How can I lead my team? Well, today? What is the one thing I could do to show appreciation to someone’s day? Like, really good mindful questions to be asking yourself. And I’m still convinced that this is not a woo-woo episode because without doubt, most of the stuff that you consume all day can get you into a place where you’re doing the same things day in, day out. You have the same habits. You don’t maybe think differently about what’s possible next year or what can be achieved. And when you have the right voices that you’re listening to, whether it’s a podcast, a training session and there is so much content in this app, I just think for $10 a month, it is one of the best things I’ve ever used. So it’s called the growth day app, and the link will be in the episode and the email wherever you see in this and and this is not about some affiliate link thing where I’m getting a cut off, it’s not about that at all. That’s not a thing. I just want to explain how amazing this app has been for me. Hopefully, the camera can pick it up is called growth day, and ultimately, Brendan Burchard delivers trainings. It has 10 different coaches on there. It is $49. You get access to everything. There is a place on here to journal. If you want to start to get into journalism, there is a place on here to listen to every morning. There is a 10 minute Monday motivation session, a Tuesday uplift, a Friday and they’re really all good. They’re really all good, thoughtful pieces to think about for the day. So like the Friday piece this morning was about how can I finish the week getting everything done that I need to get done? How can I finish it with on a high honor getting, you know, if you’re watching this now and it’s the end of the day and you have literally just you feel exhausted, you’ve run from one thing to another. It’s been total chaos. It’s not been productive.

This the growth diet can be real interrupter for that it can really start to open your mind to actually don’t have to be completely in chaos all of the time like it is, it is possible to focus on one thing well, it is possible to focus on productivity. It is possible to design the business, the life that you want and. The final thing that I really love about this, that there is a thing that you can take every can take it every week. I take on a Sunday and it’s called your live score app and you score out of 10 where certain things are in your life. So where would you score the relationships in your life, you know, like your personal relationships one to. Where do you score? How you’ll feel about the working day? Where do you score your own health? Are you prioritizing that? You know? Last week, did you eat well? Did you go to the gym? Is it a one? Is it a 10? And it really it. It makes you live. Your life with intention is the only thing I can say. And again, I’m still not saying it’s a mood thing. It’s a thing that everybody should do. And not just it’s something that will jolt you out of just scrolling on Instagram, just consuming crap content for want of a better word, and I would highly recommend download. There is a lighter version, which is not $49. I would highly recommend downloading it, listening to some of the trade ins. Even if you use it for a month, it might not be for you. But the growth day app has been one of the best daily used apps for me to make sure that I just keep focused in the right way that I want to grow my business, that I still want to have a social life, that I still want to go to the gym, that I still want to get all these things done. And it makes me be really mindful about and I’m not going to skip the gym tonight. I’m going to get it done because that’s what high performers do. And so for $49 a month, it is the best couple of deliveroo’s pizzas, round of drinks that you can possibly spend your money on. So I put the links wherever you see this, and I would highly recommend you trial and look at growth datacom because it is fabulous for my day to day, keep him focused on what is best for me as a person. I hope this helps to get your head out of the dirt and into the clouds, and I’ll see you next week for episode zero. See you then. Bye bye.

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