Meeting Minutes Just Went Virtual


Meeting Minutes Just Went Virtual


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Now here’s a thing you may not have considered: working with a virtual personal assistant who can take meeting minutes for you without needing to be in the room!


There comes a time when following up after a meeting takes too much time or resource than a business owner can afford.


There comes a time when your mind needs to be on the conversation, not on the note taking.


There comes a time when you need to focus on the things only you can do – and meeting minutes is not one of them!


Accurately capturing meeting notes is a skill the Mi PA team are adept at. Your Mi PA virtual PA will take relevant, well-documented notes that read easily and have clearly defined actions.


How can my meeting notes become virtual?

Not as Sci-Fi as it sounds, this is simple to do by making good use of technology. With Skype or via a conference call your virtual personal assistant can be every bit as useful as if they were in the room with you.


There are a few rules we recommend you follow to make this service work for you. Introducing each person in turn and not talking over each other works well here, as it does on all conference calls and most meetings! Your Virtual PA will facilitate this as part of the service.


Is this right for my business?

A virtual PA is right for your business if you:

  • Need accurate, timely accounts of meetings and conference calls
  • Have a busy schedule
  • Recognise the value of your talents and the need to outsource activities other’s can do
  • Need a bigger team but not all of the time
  • Want to explore the benefits of support staff without the risk and overheads of employment

And what’s more, your minute-taking Virtual PA can do much more than take notes. Clients use Mi PA’s virtual PA’s for diary and event management, travel arrangements, customer service support, research, email management, order processing and much, much more.


If you’re keen to expand in 2015, contact us  to learn how a virtual PA from Mi PA can help you – or start by exploring how a virtual PA can help you during your next meeting. Call  us on 0161 820 6080 today!


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