How to Take a Holiday When You Run Your Own Business


How to Take a Holiday When You Run Your Own Business

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Summer is finally here. Between the inevitable showers of rain, the sun is doing its best to blast us with vitamin D, we’re in our shorts and flips flops, and the BBQ is finally out!

It’s time to take a holiday!

Is there anyone more deserving of time off than the ever-dedicated business owner? Interestingly, one of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs is how to balance work and play. How do you manage the workload and client demands when you want to get away from it all?

How do you take time off when you run a small business?
Here are my top tips for taking a holiday when you run your own business.

Plan in advance
As a business owner your days are no doubt more flexible than those tied to a 9-5. Short breaks are feasible, as are long weekends. But if you want to take an entire week or fortnight away from your business, you need to plan.

To manage that effectively, it might be an idea to:

  • Book your time away as far in advance as possible
  • Make sure your co-workers know when you’ll be away
  • Ensure no vital meetings are booked into your diary for that period

This will help with the next tip…

Clear the decks
Tie up loose ends before you go away. Make sure projects finish well in advance so you’re not stressed up until the last minute, and if you’re mid-project get the right resources in place in good time.

Tell your clients
Telling your clients when you’ll be away is part and parcel of great customer service. Even if they won’t notice, it is essential the right systems are in place should they need to reach you.

Set up an out of office reply
An auto-responder doesn’t have to be devoid of personality and warmth. In fact, the best auto-responders enhance and promote your brand by showing personality and doing such things as mentioning new products and services, and introducing new members of staff.

During your time away, you can do all these things with an auto-responder that points your clients in the direction of help should they need it.

Use a Virtual Assistant
The level of service you provide need not drop when you’re away. A Virtual Assistant can answer all calls, field emails, manage your diary and take care of dozens of other activities, too. Emails don’t need to pile up, messages can be replied to, business can continue as normal.

And, should an emergency occur, your VA will be on hand to manage it and know just what to do.

Getting the most out of your holiday can be intrinsically tied to getting the most out of your VA, so you might like to read our related article – Top Tips for Working with VA’s.

If you’d like to take some well-earned time off this summer, drop us a line or give us a call. We’d love to help you plan virtual assistance to support your business during your time away.

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