How to Smash Business Goals with Nigel Botterill


How to Smash Business Goals with Nigel Botterill

If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur and work for yourself, you’ve probably got some “successful” people that you look up to. A few big names that come to mind are the likes of Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins to name a few.

For me, someone who has personally influenced and helped me to build my business is Nigel Botterill, one of the most sought-after business growth experts in the UK.

I joined the Entrepreneurs Circle back in 2012, which has helped me to grow my business, increase profits and get clarity on my vision. Nigel helped me to think about my business in ways that helped change it for the better.

So, who better to have a deep dive chat about business with other than Nigel himself?

We talk all about how he started his business, what led to his success and how he manages to balance it all with a healthy and happy family life. If you want to find out more, keep reading! Or, you can watch the video interview version of my interview with Nigel on episode 119 of Mi-TV.


Who is Nigel Botterill?

Nigel is an entrepreneur and business growth expert based in the UK. He’s famous in the entrepreneurial space for building nine, million-pound businesses in the last 12 years.

He doesn’t promise his clients that he can help them get rich quick. Instead, he offers actionable strategies and tactics to help power up their marketing plans. Specifically, he can help you “crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers” and create a steady flow of new leads and sales.

Nigel is also a word whizz and a best-selling author of multiple books including “Build Your Business in 90 Minutes a Day,” which has sold a staggering 120,000 copies since its launch.

It’s safe to say that he knows his stuff and I’m so grateful to be able to share his story and business insights with you all!


How Nigel Launched his Entrepreneurial Career

At the age of 16, Nigel packed up his planners and books and left school for good. He did what a lot of young people his age at the time did – exactly what his parents wanted!

So, he got a good job at Barclays Bank, where he stayed for 18 years. He loved his job but when he reached his mid-30’s, he realised that he wanted to launch his own business. He described it as though there was something inside of him that drove him to go after his dream no matter what.

When he made the decision to walk away from corporate, most of his family and friends thought he was bonkers. But, he had an itch he couldn’t ignore. So, he went out on his own and started his first business as a marketing consultant.


Setting Motivational Goals

Nigel gave himself a huge goal to move at least £100,000 from his business account into his personal account. Oh, and he had to do it within his first year in business. As you can guess, that was a mammoth goal for a start-up, and he had to work extremely hard to make it happen.

The reason why he chose £100,000 as his goal is because he needed to maintain the current lifestyle that he and his family had grown accustomed to. His kids went to a private school and he didn’t want to have to pull them out of it. He also didn’t want to lose the family home.

Failure wasn’t an option.

Thankfully, Nigel smashed his goal within eight months of launching his business. Because he was so passionate about marketing and genuinely enjoyed helping his clients, building a successful business came quite easy.

He realised that if he could find at least 10 businesses that would pay him £2,000 per month, he would make £20,000 a month, which is more than a decent wage. So, he set out to achieve that and he did.


Bringing “MyMag” to Life

Nigel always credits his wife Sue for her support and her amazing mind. In 2003, she set up a local community magazine that leveraged paid-for ads to help market local businesses to the community.

It quickly became a success and later led to the inspiration for Nigel’s well-known “MyMag,” which helps other businesses accomplish what his wife had done. It grew fast and spread to multiple countries, helping people from all over the world.


Why You Need a Burning Desire to Succeed

When I asked Nigel if he could share any key triggers that he believed helped him succeed, he attributed a lot of it to his burning desire to succeed.

I had to do it because the stakes were really high.”

He was so determined because he had a lot riding on his business. If he didn’t succeed, he would have to take out another mortgage on the house, pull his kids from their private school and go back into traditional employment. Three things that he definitely did not want to do.

But, the main driving force that fueled his determination was a “massive fear of failure.”

Nigel pointed out that if you don’t have a burning desire to do something, you’re not going to do it. It takes a lot of will power to launch a business and even more of it to keep that business afloat.

If you don’t have the determination and burning desire to make something happen, nothing will happen. You’ve got to really want something and then keep your eye on the prize. If you want it bad enough, you won’t settle for anything less.

If you’d like to find out more about Nigel, you can visit his website to learn more about him and how he helps established business owners maximise their profits.



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