How to Protect & Regain Control of your Time

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How to Protect & Regain Control of your Time

Life as an entrepreneur is hectic. You’ve got what feels like a million things going on at once. Your inbox is packed with unread emails. The phone is ringing off the hook. And, people are demanding your attention right, left and centre. You’d be forgiven for second-guessing your decision to launch a business. Heck, you’d probably get away with jetting off to an exotic island with no intention of coming back, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed. But, it’s no reason to pack your bags and call it quits! If you feel like your time is running away from you, you’ve got to regain control of it.


How do you regain control of your time?


Well, if this were a sci-fi or fantasy movie, I’d tell you to find the time master and politely ask him to give you your time back. But, unfortunately, this is real life. And, if you want to regain control of your time, all I can give you is a box.


Yes, a box. Your box can be real or imaginary. It doesn’t really matter. Naturally, I chose to go with a big pink box (which you can see in episode 101 of Mi-TV). Once you’ve got your box, start to think about all the things in your life or business that take up too much of your time. Or, do what I did and think about other things about the entrepreneurial sphere that grinds your gears.


Have a few things in mind? Great. Take all those things and put it inside your 101-business box. Forever. You don’t need to go back into that box. There’s nothing worth your time inside it. Every time you feel frustrated about something (or someone, cause let’s be real, people can be a pain too), put it inside the box.


This is like a mental activity that will help you to de-stress and see the bigger picture. Everything you put in the box is a time waster, and you don’t need it. I had four things I wanted to put into my 101-business box, so if you want to find out what they are, keep reading!



  1. Time Vampires

No, I haven’t been binge-watching Buffy! This breed of vampire doesn’t crave blood. It craves time. Most notably, another person’s time.


A time vampire is something or someone that drains your time and energy right out of you. They probably don’t realise they’re doing it. They’re the type of person who calls you out of the blue and keeps you on the phone for over an hour. Or, the client who emails you and expects an immediate response. You get the idea.


As a business owner, your time is precious. You shouldn’t spend it doing things that aren’t important or don’t move your business forward. Time vampires kill productivity. Of course, you don’t have to ignore them completely. You can assign a blocked amount of your time to deal with the time draining activities or people in your life.


So, if you’re like me and you want to start taking back control of your time, you’ve got to put the time vampires in your life inside the box and put a lid on it!



  1. Polystyrene

Okay, this one is completely unrelated to business and has nothing to do with anything. I realise that. But, I hate polystyrene. I can’t explain why. I hate how it looks, feels and the sound it makes when you pull it out of a package.


So yes, I put polystyrene into my box. Now…let’s move on!



  1. Self-Assigned Grandeur Job Positions

I go back and forth with this one. But, there’s something about people who have literally just started a business and called themselves the Vice President or Co-Founder, that just confuses me.


I guess it’s because I struggle to call myself an entrepreneur. Yes, I have a business. However, I’m so focused on growing it that I never stop to think about giving myself a grander title.


I’m not even the designated CEO of my business. That prestigious title belongs to Ralph. (If you’re wondering who Ralph is, he’s my four-pawed friend and makes a short but powerful guest appearance in ep.101 of Mi-TV – so be sure to check it out!)


I went ahead and put those types of people in my 101 box. These are the kind of people who give themselves a massive title when it’s only them alone in the business. Or, they’ve literally just started and don’t even have any clients yet.



  1. Small business owners tearing each other down

This is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time, and it happens way too often. When I see or hear an entrepreneur give another small business owner a hard time, it just makes me mad.


None of us has got it all sorted out. Nobody is perfect, and no business is perfect. It’s difficult to run a business, and the last thing you need is someone else tearing you down. I think it’s even worse when the people who are causing all the self-doubt are business owners too. They should know better!


So, into the big pink box they go!


And there you have it, the four things that I have put inside my 101 box!


I hope this has got you thinking about what you’d put inside your own 101 box and please do share what those things are with me either here, via email or on social media!



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