How to Profit from Hiring a Virtual PA in Just One Month

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How to Profit from Hiring a Virtual PA in Just One Month

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Within one month, a new Mi PA client is already profiting from using our service. I’m going to share with you exactly how our virtual PA service delivered a return for this client in one month, and in just one afternoon

PLUS I’ve got two more ideas to add to this success story that will make your VA service even better for your business and for your clients.

No more missed calls
The call answering service Mi PA provides is one of our most popular services.

The premise is simple: we’ll answer the calls when you can’t. Did you know that 80% of people do not leave voicemail messages? New business opportunities could be passing you by every time you miss a call. Can you afford to let that happen?

Here’s how our call answering service came into its own for our new client

Dan Cahill is the owner of Stockport-based graphic design studio Creative Batch. Dan’s the sole proprietor and a busy guy. As well as running the studio, he also runs #stockporthour – a weekly Twitter event for the Stockport business community.

Calls: answered
While exhibiting at a recent trade show, two of the many calls we answered for Dan were new business leads. We were able to answer the calls and take down the details, ensuring the opportunities were captured in a timely and professional manner.

Here’s what happened next…

Added customer service
The friendly welcome we gave Dan’s new prospects helped to deliver and reinforce his brand from the very first communication. The warm hello from our informed VA’s conveyed the message that clients are taken care of and considered; the company is professional, friendly and approachable.

It also helped Dan’s business appear more established. Our call answering service gives the impression of a reception, an office and naturally the success required to employ such people and work in such a space.

Higher value tasks
While we were answering these calls, among several others, Dan was at the aforementioned trade show where he captured dozens of leads himself.

He told us answering his phone during the trade show wasn’t feasible because it was so busy. But had he done, he would have appeared distracted from the people and opportunities in hand.

Dan’s focus enabled him to effectively promote his business to hundreds of new people and attract dozens of new prospects in one afternoon.

Win-win all round for Creative Batch and we’re thrilled to share his success with you.

To get into the nitty-gritty of those leads, it’s worth saying that the two phone calls were highly qualified new prospects prime for conversion who became clients the following week.

What could a call answering service do for your business this week?

Here are those two extra ideas for adding even more value to your business

Proposal writing and proof reading
Many of those new leads will require proposals – a time consuming and laborious task. This is one of the many tasks a Virtual PA can help you with, whether it’s creating the proposal from scratch, following a proposal formula or proof-reading one you’ve created. The added support will save you time and the extra pair of eyes will ensure it is pitch-perfect.

Following up on work
Retaining a client is more cost-effective than attracting, nurturing and converting a new one. Use a virtual assistant to check-in on clients once a project is complete; find out how things are going and if they need any additional services. You can also use this opportunity to conduct client satisfaction questionnaires, enabling you to perfect your customer service in the future.

How could a virtual assistant help your business this week?

Please do get in touch with your thoughts and questions.

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