Grow your business in 2015 with Mi PA’s Virtual PA Service


Grow your business in 2015 with Mi PA’s Virtual PA Service

Grow your business with Mi PA


20.15% OFF Virtual PA Service in January

Mi PA’s diverse range of clients use our services to help their businesses grow. Until the end of January, we’re offering 20.15% off our virtual PA service for all new customers – could you be one of them?

Not used a virtual PA before? Here are just some of the ways Mi PA clients use this service.


Customer Service for a Security Company

For one client, we’re an integral part of his customer service process, taking calls and helping to convert sales with existing clients. While customer support was always part of the package, our client did not anticipate the rise in sales we’ve delivered by ensuring a professional and friendly service.


Diary Management for a Property Mentor

Another busy executive relies on Mi PA for complete diary management, scheduling and re-scheduling calls, making reservations, dealing with clients and organising smooth travel arrangements. By outsourcing this important task, our client frees up vital time to focus on other areas of his business.


Email Management for the CTO of a Big Data Consultancy

By highlighting urgent emails and liaising with the client, we ensure all communications are attended to in a timely and appropriate manner. This saves the client time, and keeps his staff and customers happy while streamlining his processes to increase efficiency.


Travel Management for a European MD

Here, Mi PA books, researches and organises all travel arranges for the MD and his entire senior team. This includes scheduling travel, accommodation and entertainment across the globe. We’re experts at ensuring travel arrangements are smooth and hassle free.


Order Processing for an E-Commerce Retailer

This savvy business owner has built a busy online business. He’s able to free up more of his time by outsourcing all customer interaction to Mi PA. All orders, returns, refunds, deliveries and enquiries are managed by our team.


If you’d like to grow your business this year, streamline processes or free up more of your time, talk to Mi PA today to learn more about our Virtual PA service. And enjoy 20.15% off your first month’s service if you sign up in January!

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