For the Love of Cake!

Brought to you by Emma Mills


For the Love of Cake!

Mi-PA Celebrates Caketober in aid of one of our favourite local charities; Forever Manchester.


There’s literally nothing better than snuggling into your favourite pair of jammies and eating cakey chocolate goodness at the end of a good days of work.

Or is there? What if we could just do exactly that… but during work?

So, because we’re all about breaking the cake-mould here at Mi-PA, we decided to do exactly that. Mixing pleasure with productivity, armed with rabbit onesies, silky soft gowns, and the most adorable fluffy animal socks (we may or may not have raided Primark the night before), we arrived at the office yesterday ready for bed with a lot, and I mean a lot, of cake.


Despite concern for certain members of the team who appeared dazed and confused at 8.30am (delicate Chloe honestly believed it was time for bed), our previous night’s baking efforts attested to be monumental in the morning, proving the teams dedication to our love of cake.

And charity, of course!

Because on 13th October, we didn’t simply bake in the name of our larger than life appetites. As a massive thumbs up to Forever Manchester and their brilliant efforts to support grassroots community projects throughout Greater Manchester (check out their fantastic story here) a plethora of cakes off all shapes, sponges and originality were sold and consumed with great success.


A huge shout out to the Apprentice Academy, Tech Mark, CCS Cheshire, and Ged from Forever Manchester, Ric Moylan Athletic Performance Coaching for their very generous donations. We’ve raised a total of £101, non of which would be possible without you!

We also can’t forget First Clinical’s fantastic efforts in joining us with cake and fancy dress. We loved the pink dressing gown Steve…

The Mi PA team can’t wait for next year. Olivia is so excited, she’s promised us that her rabbit onesie is there to stay 🙂


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