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Can you work on site?

Most of our work is carried out at our office. However, where time and locations allow, we are happy to discuss the possibility of visiting your office.

How do I send work to you?

This is totally decided by you and can be done by email, web, phone call or post. Whichever suits you best. Our task management software allows you to view at a glance all of the current projects and tasks that we are running for you.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for further information as every clients requirements are different and we can price accordingly.

Are you going to tie me in to a certain number of hours per month?

Never. Our service is so flexible that we bill your exact usage at the end of every month. So you dont waste any pre-purchased hours or feel that you have to use a certain number of hours to get value for money. You are billed only for the exact time spent on working in your business.

What if I only need help on a one off project?

Perfect. Just use the service when you need it.

I have quite a niche business – can you help me?

As we spend the time to get to know each and every client’s business and what makes it tick – we can help. So whether you’re an astronaut to a zoo keeper, we can assist you in giving you back your time.

Who will be helping me?

All of our work is carried out by our team of qualified, experienced PA’s. Nothing is outsourced. Your dedicated PA will make an introductory phone call to you, to get to know as much as possible about your business and how you like to work. Your PA will then immediately become a member of your team.

How do I get started?

It can be difficult to visualise how a Virtual PA can help to ease the load from your to do list. Please feel free to contact us to chat through the tasks that are clogging up your day and how we can help.

How do you guarantee the quality of work?

Each PA is inducted into their role with our in-house training. This covers problem solving skills, IT skills and instils our ethos that Mi PA strives to make our clients lives easier, by taking care of the tasks that clog their day. Frequent appraisals allow our PA’s to highlight any skill sets in which they feel they may need extra training and would assist in providing a better service to our clients.

Can I meet Mi PA?

Yes, our office is based in central Manchester at Universal Square, a five minute drive from Piccadilly station and other excellent travel links. We encourage you to visit us and the team that will be working with you and where geography allows we can visit you at your place of work. Being hi-tech Virtual PA’s we also like to make use of Skype to make our introductory calls to all new clients so that even if we never meet in person, we can use all the benefits of virtual meetings to form an excellent client relationship.

What happens if Mi PA is ill or on holiday?

Your PA works in a close knit team of three, so if they are ever out of the office your tasks and workload pass seamlessly to another member of their team. Our task management software records all actions taken on tasks and is constantly updated with progress reports and day to day notes. Using the software along with weekly progress meetings your team will always be aware of your current tasks and be able to work on them, without any disruption to you and your business. There will always be help available to you.

My work is highly confidential….

All client information is treated as private and confidential by Mi PA assistants. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements where necessary.

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