Day in the Life of a Virtual PA


Day in the Life of a Virtual PA

Day in the Life of a Virtual PA

You might be a small business owner who can no longer distinguish the difference between night and day thanks to your erratic working hours. Or perhaps you are running a global enterprise, with enough air miles to cross the globe three times over. Either way, there’s one thing you probably have in common – or at least should have in common; you have one steadfast individual in your life to steer and support you through your working successes and struggles. And while your first thoughts may be directed to a four legged companion (post work cuddles are irreplaceable) what we’re really discussing here is your dedicated PA.

But what exactly is a day in the life like for a virtual, personal assistant? Well, like you, our day to day working schedules are rarely the same. While we’re always ready and prepared for those urgent my-plane-has-been-cancelled-and-I’m-stranded-in-a-strange-airport kind of tasks, our days start off with an injection of caffeine, a team huddle and a thorough catch up of the different email client accounts we manage.

Prioritisation is the foundation of a PA’s workload, which is why checking our customer emails and WhatsApp groups, first thing, every morning is super important. This way we make sure that any urgent tasks have been dealt with by early morning, and that the meetings you have asked us to schedule have been actioned, or the clients you want us to call are noted down and incorporated into our daily tasks.

As PAs we also love to juggle. The majority of our days are spent artfully manoeuvring between all kinds of different tasks. Of course, you would never know this, because our main goal is to make sure that tasks never clash or take over each other. For example, we could spend a few minutes organising a meeting, and while we wait for the delegates to get back to us, we could be making a call for another client, or booking a train ticket to their next business meeting.

We can also carry out several tasks at a time due to the way we niftily work in teams.  We can answer a call, make an outbound call and book an appointment in the diary all at the same time for the same customer.

Of course, certain types of work take time. In fact, we love to get stuck in to big research tasks, or large projects such as formatting documents and blog writing. With assignments like these, we respect that distractions can stagger our progress, so we give ourselves dedicated time during the morning or afternoon to complete our work to a standard and schedule specified by you.

And while we are virtual, this doesn’t mean that we’re glued to our chairs. In fact, where geographically possible we often schedule client visits, whether it’s to catch up, minute a meeting, or posting and dropping off important documents on your behalf. However, this doesn’t mean that our virtual tasks are neglected while we’re away. Because of course, we can still action tasks digitally and thanks to our team structure – you can read more about this here  – this always ensures that cover is there whenever it’s required.

So now you know what our working days are made of, and what it means to be a dedicated PA to a variety of clients. It takes dedication and a high level of different types of skills to be a good PA. Thankfully, at Mi PA, we love our role and our responsibility to you, and the fact that our tasks are so varied and unpredictable make our days in the office all the more enjoyable.

We get it, and we’re 100% committed to making your goals attainable. Join us, sit back, and enjoy the road to success.

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