Customer Surveys – Find Out What Your Clients Really Want?


Customer Surveys – Find Out What Your Clients Really Want?


Customer surveys are a mixed bag. Incredibly useful, they can also be time consuming and wildly unnerving. We might hear some things we really don’t want to hear…No wonder so many businesses put customer surveys on the back burner.

And while it can be a daunting task – especially when tackled all in one go – it’s vital to the future of our organisations. If we’re not capturing our client’s needs, wants and desires how will we be able to meet them?

Customer feedback, good or bad, helps organisations grow. Knowing what clients want helps to:

  • Improve the product or service offered – increasing value by enabling and defining progress
  • Improve customer service levels – the Ps and Qs of your business
  • Understand customer language – helping you to match it in your marketing materials
  • Understand how and when customers want to interact with you
  • Build deeper more meaningful relationships with clients

OK, so maybe I’ve got you convinced customer surveys are essential, but what about the time factor? And that’s not all. Common reasons for not conducting customer surveys include:

  • Calling every single client is going to take ages!
  • They might ask questions beyond the survey which will take even more time
  • Will people be really honest with me?
  • I’m too close to my business; hearing the negatives will crush me

Enough reasons to find someone else to do it for you! Customer surveys are an example of a very high value activity that does not have to be done by you.

Outsourcing this to a trusted team of virtual assistants enables you to capture all that vital information while not impacting on time or tact!

An external representative will enable honesty, capture an accurate interpretation of any issues at hand and ensure conversations stick to the script! And of course, with someone else taking care of this for you, it won’t impact on your day job.

Mi PA helps many business owners understand their clients better. Our team of virtual assistants can operate as members of your organisation or independent customer survey specialists. Surveys are compiled alongside you for your full approval and results are accurately captured for your interpretation and action.

Do you know what your clients really want? Maybe it’s time to find out. Contact Mi PA today and ask about our customer survey service.

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