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Who are Mark1?

Established in 2003, Mark1 offers businesses of all sizes looking to achieve ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 an extremely resourceful and time saving business management system called Titan.

At the head of Mark1, MD Mark Nolan possesses great ambition to grow his business even further. However, previous to working with Mi-PA, there were certain challenges that interfered with such growth.

What problems did Mark1 face?

Administrative duties are crucial to any business, but are often detrimentally time consuming and costly. Therefore, Mark Nolan sought Mi-PA with the aim to tackle time efficiency challenges related to such tasks; to make more time for the vital growth of his business.

How did Mi PA help?

From creating invoices and distributing them amongst his clients to handling calls during Mark’s chosen hours, Mi-PA ensured that no task was too big or small; an ethos that we continue to uphold in our working relationship with Mark1.

“Mi PA continues to help me by providing aid and support at a crucial time as my business continues to grow. 

The result is that I have more time to focus on the development and progression of my business.”

“I found the experience very rewarding and excellent value for money”

Mi-PA strived to create a service tailored to Mark’s needs, firstly focusing on administrative tasks, to becoming extremely familiarised with the nature of Mark’s business.

This enabled Mark’s nominated PA to handle more complex duties, such as editing and handling documentation within Titan, writing blog posts focused around ISO accreditation and the services Mark1 provides, and handling Mark’s social media networks such as Twitter.

“What I like especially is their friendly, can-do attitude, and the fact that nothing is too much trouble.”

Eighteen months on and Mark1 is fully utilising Mi-PA’s services, with a dedicated team of virtual assistants and PAs ready at a moment’s call to handle any of Mark’s needs.

“I would recommend Mi PA to people who need additional help and resources in managing or growing their business”

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