Brilliant Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Brilliant Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Brilliant Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

(or ideas for your own wish list!)

I love buying presents for other people. This year, I’m determined to find meaningful gifts that really add value. There’ll be no novelty gifts or trinkets from me in 2014! It’s all about the really useful stuff!

Talking of really useful stuff, when it comes to starting and running a business there is an endless list of useful additions that would make everything easier.

If you’re shopping for an entrepreneur or if you’re an entrepreneur yourself and would like to inspire your friends and family with a handy list, here are my best and most brilliant Christmas gift suggestions for 2014. (Disclosure: Mi PA is, naturally, on here!)

What else would you add to this list? What would you love to receive for Christmas this year?

For the traveller
If your Entrepreneur is car-based, a built-in Bluetooth car speaker is a thoughtful gift and welcome investment. Talking safely while on the move is a must but compromising on call quality is now a thing of the past.

For those who are air-bound, smart carry-on luggage can really make a difference to travel. Slim and easy to manoeuvre, this gift will be welcomed by the jet-setting entrepreneur.

For the talker
A good quality microphone or headset can transform your day – and it’s not just for virtual assistants! The ability to type or write while talking on the phone is, in my opinion, a must. Not only can you take thorough notes, you can also gesticulate and move around (as far as the cord will allow!). I find that makes for more natural conversations and better rapport. It also prevents you from jarring your neck at that awkward angle as you wrestle your phone under your chin in order to multi-task!

For the home office worker
High speed internet access is a great gift for those based at home. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting what feels like hours trying to get a page to load, or having the speed dip when the kids get home from school!

Another great idea is a multi-purpose printer. One that scans and maybe even faxes is a great option. Don’t forget to buy a couple of reams of paper too!

For the book worm
Business books are a great gift for entrepreneurs. Choose your topic with care and attention. There are some masterpieces on motivation, efficiency, procrastination, profitability. What matters most to your entrepreneur?

For the endlessly busy
A virtual assistant of course!
Mi PA offers a wide range of virtual assistant services. From call answering to diary management, customer service to order processing, travel management to event management, there is very little my skilled and savvy team can’t take on.

Our services start from as little as £40 a month and all contracts are flexible. The time and money saving benefits kick in within the first month when clients begin to see an uplift in productivity.

If you’re keen to give the gift of virtual assistance this year, contact me today to learn more.


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