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General News

The “true” cost of not hiring a pa

Let’s talk about cost. From the entrepreneurs and business owners I speak with, cost is one of obstacles around hiring a PA or an admin …

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EP 120 – Blog images
Our News

Top 3 Tips to Overcome Tough Times in Business

Life as an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it is gratifying. There’s nothing like being your own boss and in control of your time, income and …

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EP 120 – Blog images
Our News

How to Smash Business Goals with Nigel Botterill

If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur and work for yourself, you’ve probably got some “successful” people that you look up to. A few …

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EP 118 – Blog images
Our News

How to Create a Positive & Productive Team Culture

Establishing a positive and productive team culture should be one of your highest priorities as a business leader. A great team that works well together …

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EP 117 – Blog image
Our News

3 Tips to Help you Deal with Interruptions in your Business

Your time is valuable and if you let yourself get distracted by interruptions throughout the day, it can be a massive hindrance to your productivity. …

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EP 116 – YT Thumbnail
Our News

Top 3 Tips for Managing Your Email Inbox

If you’ve been watching Mi-TV for a while, you’ll know that I like to focus on topics that help you get more time back so …

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EP 115 – Blog image
Our News

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is something a surprising number of entrepreneurs struggle with. You know you need to choose one, but what if you pick the …

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EP 114 – Blog images
Our News

Why You Should Model Successful People

There’s a concept floating around whereby you can achieve the level of success you dream of by modelling a high-achiever who already has exactly what …

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EP 113 – Blog image
Our News

Top Tips for Building your Self-Employed Business

Launching your own business takes dedication, passion and a lot of hard work. However, most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that all the hard work …

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