9 things you won’t believe we’ve been asked to do for our clients (and we loved number 6!)


9 things you won’t believe we’ve been asked to do for our clients (and we loved number 6!)


A day in the life of a PA is often filled with surprises.


If you thought being one of our superstar PAs means simply answering phones and organising diaries all day, you’ll be shocked to discover what we really get up to on behalf of our clients.


You see, we love a challenge here at Mi-PA.


I regularly challenge clients and prospects to throw any tasks at my crack team of PAs, no matter how tricky. And many are only too pleased to take us up on that challenge.

To show you how colourful our days can be, here’s a selection of the weird, wonderful and downright brilliant tasks we’ve been given to do:


  1. Most people would celebrate summer with a nice barbecue or Pimms on the lawn. Imagine how puzzled we were when we were asked by one client to hire a reindeer in summer for a party!
  2. We love our football up here in Manchester. But one of our clients really loved the Beautiful Game and asked us to find a custom frame for a football. We never did ask how they were going to hang it on their wall…
  3. Sometimes we’re asked to go full Sherlock Holmes and track down hard-to-find items (though not people… yet). One of the toughest challenges set for us was finding a basket for a pram that had been out of production for years. We found it, bought it, the client was very happy. More important, so was her baby.
  4. Our clients clearly love a good party (see above) so we weren’t in any way surprised when we received a request to get Olaf and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen along to a soiree. Of course, it wasn’t the real characters… but we had to find actors to play Olaf and Elsa at the party and costume them up ready for the bash.
  5. Sometimes our last minute requests aren’t so jolly and are REALLY last minute. One client left his passport in his clothes that went into the washing machine and needed us to arrange a new one. What a disaster! But our trusty PAs kicked into action and got a new one arranged and ready to go for his next trip. Phew…
  6. One of our most enjoyable tasks was to help a client arrange their engagement to their partner at Disneyworld. We loved being part of this real life fairy tale as we arranged all the little, memorable details including a ring in a glass slipper. Ahhhh.
  7. Staying with a slightly different romantic theme, we’re also great at being discreet (despite me telling you this :)). We once had to book hotel rooms for a client’s girlfriend… and another trip for his wife!
  8. Our clients are entrepreneurial types but we weren’t expecting to actually build a whole new business as part of our service. We were gifted the lofty task of ordering £350,000 of electrical appliances for a client who was creating a new business and sourcing his own products. Now that was one delivery to our office we’ll never forget (true story!).
  9. Dogs need holidays, too. Or, at least, that’s what our CEO Ralph says. I loved one canine-related task we were given where we had to organise a passport for a little pooch so they could travel to sunny Spain. (Ralph wasn’t jealous at all….)


As you can see, our team’s abilities and experience range far and wide in the service of our clients.


Think you can come up with a PA task to challenge and stretch my wonderful team? I dare you to give us a try with your own strange request (within reason).


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