5 ways to use social media to grow your business without the pain!


5 ways to use social media to grow your business without the pain!


Social media is either a huge opportunity or a source of constant worry – depending on whether your business is doing it or not.


But there’s no hiding from it. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… it’s where practically ALL of your customers are spending their time online.


Statistics project a probable 2.95 billion worldwide users will be using social media platforms by 2020 (yes, that’s a third of the earth’s population!). So if you’re taking it for granted, it’s likely you’re missing out on opportunities to promote your business with every minute that passes.


This may not be news to you, especially if you’re staring at your screen and pulling your hair out at how well your competitors are pushing their business on social media.


I can understand why business owners are reticent… social media can be a minefield. Get it wrong and you could waste huge amounts of time and money or, worse, antagonise your prospects and customers.


(We’ve all seen what can go wrong when big brands leave the intern in charge of their social media feeds…).


We know it’s easier to just focus your marketing elsewhere – focus on the known. But in a world where social media reigns, those older practices may not be enough to maintain enough growth. You’re taking a big risk.


That’s why we are constantly training our best PAs to provide services to meet the times. To offer small businesses and entrepreneurs – who don’t necessarily have the time or money to develop a strong social media presence – the opportunity to outsource it and never miss out on those big opportunities again.


Here are 5 ways how outsourcing your social media can help grow your business, free up time and make you stand out in your market:


  1. Create quality, authentic content to match your business


Outsourcing and forgetting about your social media sounds like an attractive prospect to many business owners, but how can you tell if your investment is worth it?


Understanding the return on investment for social media isn’t as simple as totting up Likes and Follows.


Doing it well means you have to dive a little deeper, and its value isn’t always obvious. Your social media profiles give you a voice to your community. Unlike anything else, it’s your free way of reaching more potential customers than most advertising channels.


But for this to happen your content needs to be engaging, compelling and authentic.


That’s why our PAs take the time to really research your business, understanding how your business thinks and speaks. This allows us to post messages and promotions which sound like they’re straight from your mouth.


  1. Plug the hole… and freeing up hours of your valuable time


Social media is sometimes a black hole where messages are sent out into the ether, never to return. Especially with platforms like twitter where your important promotion is visible for only a fleeting moment, it’s hard to justify spending so much time thinking up good content to write.


The big issue for many small businesses starting out with social media is they don’t know where to focus their attention. Spread too thin it’s impossible to keep up a consistent flow of posts (and attract a reciprocating flow of traffic) across the board.


This won’t just increase the effectiveness of your social media posts and bring in followers, it’ll free up your time and your team’s ability to work on jobs which will decisively drive your business forwards.


  1. Schedule posts to give your message consistency across social media


Facebook and twitter are, arguably, king and queen of social media, matured with age and perfect for B2B and B2C marketing. These are the platforms most companies occupy – and for good reason.


The biggest challenge when building a community of followers and consequently the best thing you can do –  is to be consistent. Scheduling allows you to post engaging content on a regular basis to keep you at the front of your prospect’s mind.


As well as posting reactive – ‘in-the-moment content’ – your profiles can be planned out to include really valuable ‘evergreen’ posts ready to go every single day. We can offer that consistency with minimal input from you.


  1. Promote your events and generating interest in your products/services


Social media is second to none when it comes to brand marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get instant results from direct response copy.


Putting promotions, competitions and polls on social media give strong incentives for your audience to engage and tell their friends about you. Creating these types of posts and monitoring interest and responses shouldn’t take your attention away from your role as an entrepreneur.


That’s why our service doesn’t stop at just broadcasting your message – we interact with your leads and send them straight to you.


Social media isn’t all about your profiles, it’s about getting people interested enough to explore your whole online presence – be that your blog, your products/services pages or even your contact page. That’s why nestled in with the engaging content we’ll be making sure readers come to you when their need is great enough.


  1. Give you the same presence of bigger businesses


Large businesses often have entire social media teams working around the clock to think up innovative promotions, posts and content.


They’re also putting thousands of pounds into social media every month.


But your business can be far agiler. When you have the know-how you can target a highly specialised niche with content more effective than anything your competitors are putting out.


The great thing about social is that size doesn’t matter. A solopreneur can have just as much presence as a giant corporate brand. With a dedicated social media presence posting valuable, visual content, you can meet them on a level playing field.


What to do next


If you’re spending too much time organising, scheduling and auditing your social media without success then outsourcing is a no-brainer.


To really make the most of what social media can deliver to your business, you need a team who can work in alignment with your business’ mission, to show your best side to the thousands of paying customers who don’t know you exist – yet.


Don’t get lost in the black hole of social media marketing. If you want to put your profiles in experienced hands and free up your time to grow your business, my expert team can help.


Leave it to us. Get in contact on 0161 820 6080 or discover more here. 




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