13 Unexpected Ways A Virtual PA Can Bring You More Business

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13 Unexpected Ways A Virtual PA Can Bring You More Business

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When you’re investing in your business, no matter how big or small your company, a return on that investment is always a top priority.
If you can’t justify the reason for an outgoing, that outgoing better not be there by morning!
As you scale up your business, bringing on new services can be a hard task to master, not least because justifying the service may be difficult.
While the advantages to hiring a Virtual PA in terms of productivity are many, the ways a personal assistant can earn you more money are often overlooked.
Here are 13 unexpected ways a Virtual PA can help to bring more business into your business:

  1. Identifying networking opportunities
    Ensuring you’re seen in all the right places and organising your diary so you can easily attend turns networking from a hassle into a hustle.
  2.  Following up new acquaintances
    Time is of the essence when following up. A Virtual PA can guarantee this is done promptly, helping to start the ‘know, like, trust’ process vital to securing new clients.
  3.  Reminding you when to contact hot leads
    Staying on top of client and prospect communication demonstrates what a great service you offer. A Virtual PA can help you do this more effectively.
  4. Calling acquaintances to make appointments
    Your Virtual PA can professionally represent your business while saving you time. This frees you up to work on other things and takes you one step nearer to closing the deal.
  5. Contacting existing clients to inform or remind them of new services
    A friendly call to ‘let you know’ can be all it takes to up-sell 
    a new service to a client. Your Virtual PA can take care of this for you while you work on other areas of your business.
  6.  Proof-reading & writing proposals
    Helps you put your best foot forward and increase the likelihood of winning a pitch. According to grammar experts Grammarly, successful people make substantially less grammatical mistakes than others. A useful skill to tap into!
  7. Answering calls you’d otherwise miss
    80% of callers will not leave a message. A Virtual PA will ensure every call is answered, capturing new enquiries for your business.
  8. Providing additional information to enquiring contacts
    Once up to speed with your business, your Virtual PA can provide vital information to help convert that caller into a prospect, shortening the sales cycle.
  9. Calling potential new business contacts on your behalf
    A Virtual PA who is also an experienced telemarketer can generate new leads for your business.
  10. Researching contacts or prospects
    Providing vital information on how to approach and build a connection with potential customers so you know just what to say when you meet them.
  11. Cutting costs
    A savvy Virtual PA will advise you on services that could be more cost-effective with alternative suppliers.
  12. Keeping you on time
    Missing important meetings doesn’t make a good impression. With diary management and a firm hand, your Virtual PA can keep you on track for your new business appointments, helping you present the best side of your business.
  13. Using their own network
    A Virtual PA is not only your PA. Among their clients might be a host of businesses in need of your services – a great source of potential new leads.

How much more business could a Virtual PA bring into your organisation?
Do you know someone struggling to manage it all?
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