12 Amazing Things That Have Happened to Mi PA This Year

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12 Amazing Things That Have Happened to Mi PA This Year

November may have felt like it lasted for four days or four years depending on how much you love or have learnt to hate Santa (shame on you!) Because December is now knocking at your front door, gently reminding you that the end of the year is upon us, disguised by the smell of pine and the soft glow of twinkly lights.

Consequently, here at Mi PA, our thoughts are directed to the growth we expect to achieve in the New Year, and we are overwhelmed with positivity in this respect, as we build upon our fantastic individual and group achievements from 2015.

So in the spirit of *cover your eyes haters* Christmas; let us share with you twelve of the best things that have happened to Mi PA this year without breaking into song.


1.We watched our team grow from five to eight.


2.The revamped Mi PA website launched.


3.We organised and hosted a Champagne Charity Tennis Tournament and Party on behalf of our client for MIPIM.


4.Turnover grew by 25%


5.For a second time, we were nominated for best SME Support for the Talk of Manchester business awards.


6.Shauna, one of our lead PAs, graduated with 1st Class Honours in Business and Events Management.


7.We became a Trusted Supplier of the Entrepreneurs Circle


8.Raising over £500 for Forever Manchester, we giggled our way through the 10k Rough Runner with only a few bruises.


9.We introduced Social Media Management as a brand new service for our clients alongside new training for our PA in CAM digital marketing.


10.Emma, our MD, was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


11.We baked, ate and sold a lot of cake, raising over £100 for charity for Caketober.


12.Our superstar PA Assistant, Amber, won the Student of the Year Award.


So, while the weather outside may be frightful, the good Mi PA vibes are delightful. Cheese translation: we’re exceptionally proud of our achievements this year, and our plans for 2016 are as big and as bold as our unshakable positivity.



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